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The Product

Can the sticker be cleaned with household cleaners? Yes it can be, however, we suggest using a non-toxic spray because your littles will be touching it!

Are the stickers waterproof or water resistant? The ink itself on the stickers is waterproof, and the sticker is water resistant. 

How many times can I remove my sticker? The wonderful thing about this sticker is that it retains its "stickiness" well - it is very resilient, just like our kids! However, we don't suggest moving it multiple times a day.


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Why the lid? We designed it to form to the lid for a couple of reasons.  We wanted our cute designs to be the focal point of the toilet and not the boring toilet itself.  It is a struggle to get any kid to use the restroom at times; with Lid Buddies we hope this brings a simple joy in the trips to the bathroom for every child.  It may help reduce common anxieties as well for those that see the toilet as intimidating.

Is this just for boys? Glad you asked! Nope! The great thing about this sticker, it is removable and may be placed on the wall or the hard surfaced floor.  If you have a child that would rather look at the design while they are using the potty facing forward, just place it where they are able to be engaged with it!  

I have already potty trained, can I still use this? Absolutely! We didn't just create Lid Buddies for potty training. We wanted it to be useful and enjoyed by any age.   

Why do you keep talking about facing your child backwards on the toilet? Well, between the two of us, we have four boys.  Potty training with boys, you quickly realize that you will get wet every time they use the bathroom at first until they can gain more control.  Facing them backwards, spares your nice clean clothes and helps them to aim more efficiently.  Also, depending on when you start potty training, girls or boys could be too little to sit forwards on the toilet; it is hard for them to hold themselves up and not fall in.  One of our boys is able to use the bathroom in public places without a kid seat on top because he has more control of holding himself up on the toilet facing backwards. 

Will this encourage my child to play versus go potty? We love that question.  The ultimate goal of Lid Buddies is to encourage a traditional and fun way of learning.  Children do learn more through playing and especially in a tactile way.  This alleviates you from bringing in toys, technology, books, food, etc... to the bathroom to get your child to just TRY.  While they are talking with you about the alphabet or construction vehicles, it promotes dialogue between you and your child and a time to educate them.  



When will I receive my product? Please allow us 1-2 days of processing your order.  We will ship immediately after processing! It will be arriving first class mail USPS from Fort Worth, Texas. Please allow 7-10 business days for shipping.  You will receive a tracking number through email.

If I live in Fort Worth, can I pick up rather than pay for shipping? Sure can! We love that idea.  Please send us an email for more information.