Lid Buddies

Our Product

Our Product and Why the Lid?

Lid Buddies stickers are large removable, reusable, and wipeable/cleanable stickers with kid-friendly designs that can be placed on the inside of the toiled lid, or anywhere that would engage your child.



Lid Buddies art designs are captivating for a young audience. Placing our design on the lid, wall, or floor may reduce anxieties related to the toilet. We want to help parents and caregivers with potty training and/or provide a more fun, kid-friendly bathroom experience for older kids!


The Try factor

One of the most difficult challenges we have potty training, is the effort of “trying”. They will be captivated looking at the design while giving their bodies enough time to try to go to the bathroom.




Depending on when you start potty training, they might be too little to sit on the toilet facing forward. Facing them towards the lid allows them to: have more control climbing on the toilet (less likely to fall in because they are holding themselves with their arms forward), with this position being easier for them to perform, they build autonomy, and boys can get used to facing this way while sparing your nice, dry clothes. Regardless of the position of your child, this sticker is meant to be placed where your child needs it, to have a successful bathroom trip!